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Dr. Karmen Smith

Dr. Smith teaches that our trauma is our biggest treasure. Dr. Smith is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who de- stigmatizes mental health symptoms by distributing videos and newsletter information intended to educate people about depression and anxiety.

Her intention is to create a safe place to heal our bias and intrenched views that contribute to polarized thinking that leads to separation.

Dr. Karmen Smith worked as a Child and Family

Intervention Specialist in the Child Welfare field for Clark County Family Services in Las Vegas Nevada; for twenty plus years Dr. Smith helped families realize that abuse, addiction and emotional trauma does not have to be their legacy. Dr. Smith is the author of the book The "I AM" SOLUTION- Simple Practices to Transform Fear Back to LOVE which helps people realize they have the power to heal. Dr. Smith is a guest lecturer at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas teaching helping professionals how to activate their healing power. Dr. Karmen Smith is a practicing cross-cultural Shaman and empathic healer who understands that this is our time. It is our time to shine, our time to put everything we are into practice. It is time to BE THE ONE.

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